Zeus has been extruding performance polymers for more than 50 years and for some of the most difficult conditions on earth. Specializing in PEEK and fluoropolymer tubing and heat shrinks, our products play prominent roles in applications where high temperature, chemical resistance, extreme pressure, and dielectric strength are critical design requirements. Ask us about our PEEK fiber optic coating, too! 

Our PEEK insulated wire (also known as magnet wire) provides top dielectric performance and is used not just for motors but also for generators, transformers, solenoids, and more. PEEK’s abrasion resistance supports rugged handling during motor manufacturing. PEEK excels in harsh environments including those of offshore exploration, and its material properties are maintained over long lengths and without pinholes. Zeus PEEK insulated wire is available with coating thicknesses as low as 0.001″ (0.0254 mm) and in American Wire Gauge (AWG) sizes #40 to #4 (including ½ sizes). This product is available round, square, and rectangular profiles. We can also produce PEEK insulated wire in plated, stranded, and other wire forms. Ask us about custom runs and properties specifications.

From downhole sensors to pipeline monitoring, PEEK Coated Optical Fiber provides data with the highest integrity and minimal attenuation. Zeus’ proprietary coating process helps to support thermal stability minimizing compression distortions in transmitted data. PEEK is immune to almost all commonly encountered chemicals and steam and adds strength and reinforcement to the optical fiber. PEEK coating also protects against abrasion and rough handling from multiple deployments and protects against microbends. For elevated temperature environments, PEEK’s continuous service temperature (normally rated at 500 °F / 260 °) can be extended 572 °F (300 °C) when dielectric performance is not needed. With PEEK’s high strength-to-weight ratio, PEEK coated fiber optics are the new standard for tough, rugged, and durable fiber optics sensing. Our PEEK coating can be applied to polyimide and HTA fiber types with customizable specifications. Ask us about your design requirements for PEEK Coated Optical Fiber.

Dual-Shrink™ is versatile heat shrink that shields components and strengthen joints far better than a simple single heat shrink. As a bilayer heat shrink, Dual-Shrink™ works like this: When heated, the outer layer shrinks tightly over inserted parts while the inner layer melts and flows into creases, crevices, depressions, and gaps of the covered parts resulting in a solid or near-solid encapsulation. The effect is a fit so tight that it can withstand severe stresses involving pull or vibration, abrasion, and physical trauma. Dual-Shrink™ is available in two specially designed forms: a PTFE outer / FEP inner layer and a low temperature version with an FEP outer / EFEP inner layer. Low temperature Dual-Shrink™ is especially useful for components that cannot tolerate the higher recovery temperature of PTFE. Conversely, PTFE/FEP Dual-Shrink™ results in slightly higher hardness of the final recovered product for products that must endure significant physical abuse from normal operation or deployments. Ask us about other Dual-Shrink™ possibilities for this unique encapsulating technology.

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