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Aliaxis is an experienced pumps specialist and a favourite of the industry thanks to its extensive variety of materials and designs on offer.

Our supply range includes:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Bore hole pumps
  • Standardised pumps
  • Non-clogging pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Non-seal pumps, magnet driven or canned motor pumps

Aliaxis works alongside Friatec – Rheinhütte Pumps Division, which has two production plants in Wiesbaden and Rennerod, as well as technical branch offices in Germany and a worldwide network of sales and service depots, making the company extremely well placed to deliver first-class pump solutions across the globe.

Aliaxis Utilities & Industry and Friatec – Rheinhütte Pumps inventory is comprised of products in three materials: metals, plastics and ceramics, in more than 40 different pump ranges.

In addition to the Friatec Rheinhütte program, Aliaxis Utilities & Industry can offer pumps form Pompetravaini and SAER Elettropompe, as well as non-seal pumps.

Our suppliers are all certified according to ISO 9001.

Friatec Rheinhütte pumps

Besides applications in the oil and gas industry our pumps also are designed for and used in chlorine-alkali electrolysis, fertiliser production, treatment processes for the manufacture electronic components, industrial manufacture of H2SO4, cathode dip coating processes, flue gas purification, waste incineration plants, conveyance of molten salts, concentrated solar power, steel and stainless-steel pickles, and production of titanium dioxide.

The pumps are available in the following materials:

  • Low alloyed metals
  • High alloyed metals
  • Nickel based alloys
  • Pure metals
  • Plastics
  • Plastic lined
  • Ceramics

Pompetravaini pumps

Pompetravaini, founded in 1929, is one of the leading worldwide manufactures of liquid ring vacuum pumps with single-stage (TRS) and two-stage (TRH) pump series. With the experience acquired through decades of engineering research, continual investments in the latest technological advanced machinery and sound mechanical know-how, Pompetravaini’s products are today synonymous with high quality, high efficiency, robust construction and maximum reliability.

These pumps are used in the following: central vacuum systems, de-aeration, impregnation, boiling processes, vacuum condensing, distillation, drying systems, sterilisation, filtration and solvent recovery.

Pompetravaini new liquid ring pump series TRMX 250 and TRMX 320 are single stage, variable-port design, featuring greater performance than the previous TRMB pump series. This is the result of Pompetravaini’s experience combined with recommendations and suggestions from valuable end users.

This marks a new milestone in the way liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed and manufactured while providing end users with tangible benefits.

Saer Elettropompe pumps

Since 1951 Saer Elettropompe has manufactured water electric pumps and motors for the civil, industrial, agricultural and domestic field. The company’s products are suitable for municipalities, firefighting applications and for conditioning and heating, naval and mining sectors.

The range includes:

  • Standard pumps according to EN733
  • Pumps available as close coupled, with stub shaft or bareshaft; and in many materials, such as carbon steel, cast iron, bronze and stainless-steel, from 0.75kW to 500kW of power
  • Submersible pumps (from 4in to 14in) and motors (from 4in to 12in) up to 300kWs of power and in different metallurgies (carbon steel, cast iron, bronze, stainless-steel and DUPLEX )
  • Vertical and horizontal multistage pumps, with power ranging from 0.75kW to 500kW
  • Split casing pumps available from 15kW to 1,500kW
  • Pumps for domestic applications and booster sets

Non-seal pumps

Our pump range, including non-seal pumps, reciprocating pumps, and cryogenic pumps, includes:

  • NON-SEAL pump (canned motor pump)
  • Reciprocating pump
  • Cryogenic submerged motor pump
  • System engineering
  • HI-POWER pump (triplex plunger pump)
  • Small pumps

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