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Global Offshore is a manufacturing and offshore supply company offering procurement, expediting and technical know-how, with more than 20 years of experience within the oil and gas industry.

We represent European and overseas manufacturing companies, primarily in Scandinavian and African regions. The philosophy of the company is to provide superior services and innovative products where quality and speed are two of the main ingredients, combined with turnkey solutions for your specific requirements.

Global Offshore depends on our clients and partners. We apply our global capabilities to create local solutions for customers around the world.

24-hour emergency crane services

We have developed in the midst of the harsh North Sea environment and through the years have kept customers and cranes in constant focus.

We offer our offshore customers a 24-hour emergency service in which teams of well-trained specialists are immediately dispatched to provide on-the-spot assistance.

We solve tasks within preventive maintenance, repair, modification and new installation. Thanks to our short response times, great flexibility and sense for quality, we are always capable of meeting customer expectations within these fields.

Global offshore pipe cradles

The new CAT handling system from Global Offshore is the only system of its kind currently on the market that is manufactured and approved to DNV 2.7-1 standard.

The CAT is designed for the offshore transportation and protection of all types of casing, tubing, screen liners, expandable liners, completion assemblies, stabilisers and drilling jars. The CAT can be used with both conventional pipe handling and mechanised pipe handling systems. The specially designed removable pipe separators allow the same CAT to be used for various sizes of pipe and assemblies, eliminating the need for the client to stock various sizes of CAT handling systems.

One of the main functions of the CAT is to dramatically reduce both on and offshore manual handling. Pipe tally, drifting and centraliser installation can be carried out onshore and loaded in to the CAT in running order prior to being shipped offshore. This eliminates the need for these time-consuming and manually challenging operations being carried out offshore. Pipe will not have to be handled again until it is ready to run into the wellbore directly from the CAT.

KONG protection gloves for the oil and gas industry

As official agents for KONG gloves we offer the most resistant and innovative gloves for the oil and gas industry. Developed together with ExxonMobil, Conoco Phillips, Chevron and Superior Energy, the aim to decrease hand injuries has been achieved with these gloves. KONG gloves reduce and eliminate hand injuries such as hairline fractures, bruising blows and pinched fingers. They are very flexible, washable, high visibility, with knuckle, finger and backhand protection.

Dies and inserts for the offshore industry

Global Offshore is an official agent for McCoy. Since 2005, McCoy has been producing GRITFACE® dies and inserts. Today they manufacture all the common dies and inserts used throughout the world. McCoy inserts are machined, not cast, to provide the accuracy you need for critical applications. Their dies are heat-treated to provide maximum insert life. They also offer a variety of tooth patterns to securely grip the hardest strings of casing, tubing, and drill pipe.

BHA wash tool for drilling rigs

Most drilling rigs have fully automated derrick and pipe handling systems. To get people off the red zone when BHA etc. are pulled through the rotary, we have developed the BHA wash tool.

Utilising the BHA wash tool, the BHA can still be high-pressure cleaned but without exposing personnel to the danger of dropped objects or working close to remotely operated machines on the drill floor (Red Zone). The BHA wash tool is specifically designed to suit any drilling unit to ensure maximum performance.

Hot and cold high-pressure wash units

Global Offshore can provide a large range of hot and cold high-pressure wash units with capacities up to 500 bar. The machines are designed and manufactured by Global Offshore using the best and most reliable components available on today’s market. The HP hot wash unit RT- EX 100 can be supplied in non EX and ATEX versions (Zone 1 classifications).

Global Offshore produces a variety of standard models which fulfil the most common requirements from our clients. To meet special requirements Global Offshore’s designers can tailor-make special solutions to fit any purpose. Our standard models are either for sale or rental. The HP wash units comply with all current regulations and requirements in the oilfield and for tank ships.

The HP hot wash unit RT-EX100 is specially designed to deliver the required water flow and pressure to Global Offshore’s BHA wash tool.

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