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Granberg® safety gloves is a well−known brand within the oil and gas industry. Located at the very heart of Europe’s oil production in Norway, Granberg continues to develop new levels of hand protection with clients who collaborate with their experience in the high−risk nature of their workplace environment.

Granberg AS is a leading glove manufacturer of specialty PPE gloves with production in several countries worldwide. It was established in 1961, and is headquartered in Norway with European warehouse hub in South Sweden.

With more than 50 years in development, the company has dedicated itself in providing the best hand protection there is with the highest rating gloves.

The 9000 series: Hi–level Cut–resistant gloves prevent costly injuries

Granberg gloves 115.9001 & 115.9002, and the machine−knit 115.9007, are engineered with cut−resistant super textile that exceeds CE/EN 388 level 5 cut resistance, which provides gloves with the ultimate comfort combined with the highest possible protection from puncture and abrasion, drastically reducing cut injuries.

Hand injuries are some of the most costly and common injuries within the offshore industry. A small cut injury can cause long−term tendon or nerve damage that a person had to live with for the rest of his/her life. Replacing an oil rig worker undergoing medical care as a result of a hand injury can easily cost as much as $20,000.

Granberg offers one of the world’s most cost−effective and innovative glove solutions for offshore workers. Made for high−performance work, these intelligent glove solutions drastically reduce hand injuries. It helps prevent mishaps and dangers to the worker and helps reduce costs of the employer, thereby minimizing expenses that can be avoided.

The 9001 & 9002: Design excellence with superior protection & comfort

Internationally recognized with the Red Dot quality seal for its exceptional product design, Granberg gloves 9001 & 9002 feature protective elements to absorb impact at the back while simultaneously ensuring ample freedom of movement. The crease lines on the palms follow anthropometric hand points to prevent fatigue during work. The materials are cut−resistant and breathable. The bright colours are highly visible from afar, even in the dark −− an important feature in offshore sites for all−weather performance. The 9002 is winter−lined, and suitable for snow and cold weather.

Vibration–reducing gloves provide comfort and flexibility

Granberg’s research and development team has developed a new vibration−reducing work glove, certified to ISO 10819. The 107.4330 anti−vibration gloves’ flexibility, comfort and design surpass existing vibration−reducing gloves. While a lot of workers exposed to vibrations still refuse to wear such protective speciality gloves due to stiffness and lack of comfort, Granberg takes into consideration all the issues related to the needs of offshore workers to provide them the protection from vibration hazards with the comfort they’re looking for and the flexibility they need. These gloves are one of the most cost−effective solutions available on the market.

Sure Grip gloves for maximum safety

A good grip is essential when working in such demanding and dangerous environments. Granberg offers different grip materials for its offshore gloves to ensure maximum safety as you work with slippery tools and climbing ladders, etc. At oil and gas installations there is the constant presence of lubricating fluids, grease and oil−based muds. Carefully testing and choosing the materials, Granberg makes sure that poor grip is never the cause of reduced output or injuries.

Perfect Fit, High–Performance Gloves

Granberg is very serious when it comes to glove fitting, without compromising safety and instead improve it. The sizing and pattern of Granberg gloves are created with highly sophisticated computer technology, enabling each glove to have guaranteed perfect fit. Every finger has the right length and width, offering a level of comfort with precision in every Granberg gloves suited for your needs.

Intelligently engineered gloves designed for offshore work

The company invests in its research, engineering well−designed gloves with uncompromising qualities in safety and performance. To meet the high demands of offshore workers who continue to trust the quality of Granberg gloves, it has developed a range of work gloves to provide protection from bitter cold, cuts, impacts, punctures, sparks, heat, vibrations and dangerous liquids and chemicals.

Granberg offers glove solutions for all climates, from Angola to Alaska, with the ability to provide the wearer comfort in both humid and warm weather, as well as in dry and cold weather.

As major offshore occupational safety concern deals with the hazards associated with impacts and falling objects, Granberg gloves has state−of−the−art patented impact design and high−quality materials that provide offshore workers excellent protection from impacts and reduces strain over prolonged periods of use. The company offers unlined gloves, lined gloves and even liquid−proof gloves with impact protection.

To learn more about Granberg’s line of work gloves, place an order, please contact us.

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