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Hexagon PPM is a leading provider of engineering and asset information management software solutions and project control systems for offshore applications.

Our products create smart digital assets by consolidating data from across all aspects of the project, giving clients the ability to design, build and manage structures and facilities of all complexities, while ensuring safe, efficient and cost-effective operations throughout the entire lifecycle.

Software solutions for offshore work processes

Hexagon PPM’s software solutions deliver one of the largest sets of industry-leading technologies currently available on the market, ranging from schematic asset design and physical modelling tools, and fabrication, automation, and construction solutions, to information and materials management, project controls and building information modelling (BIM).

SmartPlant® Enterprise (SPO) software is at the centre of Hexagon PPM’s range of software solutions, leveraging the engineering design basis to offer a number of business benefits.

The company offers an extensive line of integrated, pre-configured solutions in order to address key owner-operator work processes at every stage of the plant’s lifecycle.

3D design and visualisation software for oil and gas sites

Hexagon PPM supplies the powerful, next-generation Intergraph Smart® 3D design system, which provides clients with a fully integrated modelling and manufacturing environment to aid the design of power, chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas facilities.

Our invaluable Intergraph Smart 3D solution handles and co-ordinates the dense and highly complex structural and outfitting considerations required during the development of offshore structures, making the conception process as effortless as possible.

Asset information management solutions

Hexagon PPM provides robust and easy-to-use asset information management software, which is specially designed to maximise the efficiency of customers’ industrial and manufacturing facility maintenance tasks, in addition to offering a number of smart plant operation solutions.

Our software enables the electronic management of all of the plant’s engineering information by compiling and integrating information related to the physical asset itself and industrial processes, together with the relevant regulatory and safety considerations.

Hexagon PPM’s all-inclusive software can be used throughout the entirety of the project, from the concept and design stages through to operations, maintenance and decommissioning.

Procurement, fabrication and construction for offshore projects

Hexagon PPM’s detailed and accurate control system helps plant owners and designers easily manage the procurement, fabrication, and construction of their site, helping them save valuable production time during the development process.

This versatile solution can be implemented throughout the complete project management lifecycle, from the initial phases of development such as materials specification and change management, through to procurement activities and tracking, as well as forecasting, inventories, and issuing of materials.

Our project management solutions are designed to optimise efficiency and can help clients avoid potentially costly surpluses and shortages of materials, as well as reducing the overall level of financial risk.

Engineering and schematics for marine facilities

Ensuring the smooth and cost-effective operation of an offshore plant for the duration of its decades-long lifespan necessitates the application of intelligent and efficient plant engineering from the very beginning.

Our comprehensive site engineering solution has been specifically developed to address the needs of the modern engineering industry’s global, 24/7 work-share environment.

All engineering disciplines are intelligent, holistic and fully integrated, which means an engineering alteration in one area automatically causes a change in all associated objects, no matter where the change initially occurs.

The rule-driven environment is designed to drive plant optimisation and prevent engineering errors, which helps limit shutdowns and lost production time.

Design analysis services for offshore plants

The integration of plant design and engineering analysis is vital to plant owners and developers, as the separation of the two procedures could result in costly errors and delays during the facility’s construction.

However, combining the two disciplines allows operators to validate the plant’s design in real-time during development, conserving both time and resources.

Hexagon PPM’s plant analysis solutions have set the standard for the industry, and leading plant engineering companies and owner-operators worldwide count on the company’s CADWorx & Analysis Solutions to deliver accurate, reliable results.

Our software has transformed formerly manual, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks into seamless, accurate processes, and is able to help clients improve overall safety, efficiency and reliability, while tightening the entire design process from pipe stress analysis to automated full vessel and oil tank analysis.

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