Quanta Marine Services

Quanta Marine Services

QUANTA MARINE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quanta Services Inc. (NYSE: PWR), provides the offshore, marine and energy industries with a world-class subsea & offshore midstream infrastructure construction service coupled with a very strong financial capability.


QMS offers world-class conventional S-Lay pipeline installation services. This includes pipeline welding solutions ranging from industry-standard downhill cellulosic (stick) welding or shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) to the more advanced mechanized gas metal arc welding (GMAW) with both, single and dual torch operations.


QMS provides an array of pipeline burial solutions for all pipeline lowering requirements in the State and Federal waters of the U.S. Whether for temporary or permanent on-bottom stability or for permanent burial cover, QMS can provide pre-or-post-trenching services tailored to the unique requirements of a project. Top of pipe cover, for any diameter is achievable to depths of 16 feet (4.87 meters), depending on seabed conditions. Using burial systems ranging from its Advanced Burial or Backfill Plough to jetting systems with high-pressure capacities up to 2,500 PSI (172 bar), QMS has the necessary assets and expertise for all pipeline burial projects.


Once a pipeline’s lifecycle had ended, QMS can provide complete flushing, filtration, pigging, product recovery and abandonment services. QMS can also physically remove a pipeline by a “reverse S-lay” or “reverse J-lay” methods to remove and dispose of subsea pipelines and trunklines. The QMS pipeline jetting systems can be used to expose and excavate pipelines and trunklines requiring complete removal and recovery.


QMS can provide full subsea tie-in and subsea infrastructure installation services for all pipeline tie-in work using surface air, saturation diving or ROV. QMS has experience with fabrication and installation of hot tap (single or dual), spools, assemblies, PLETs and PLEMs.


QMS provides shore approach and shore crossing services for pipeline and trunklines that transition from land to offshore. QMS utilizes horizontal directional drilling (HDD) services or open cut to install a pipeline or trunkline in the transitional or surf zone. QMS has an extensive selection of pipeline pulling resources including wire pullers, conventional winches and a traction winch up to 1,000 kips.


QMS can perform umbilical installation services using portable vertical and horizontal umbilical reel systems. QMS can install and bury bundled umbilical, fiber optic and pipelines.

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