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Swan Hunter offer specialist equipment, design, engineering & project management services to the offshore renewables and subsea oil and gas energy markets. We offer solutions for power and telecoms cable, flexible pipelines, umbilicals and other subsea installation projects throughout the world.

Our equipment range includes basket carousels, reel carousels, reel drive systems, storage reels, tensioners and other offshore pipeline installation equipment. We can also assist with installation analysis and installation engineering services, including Orcaflex, for cable, flexibles, pipeline and umbilical installation projects.

Swan Hunter is a dynamic company that delivers innovative and cost-effective solutions to the offshore oil and gas and offshore renewables industries.


Basket carousels, reel carousels, and turntables

Swan Hunter provides a wide range of carousel and turntable solutions. The carousel diameters are variable from 18m to 28m. The carousels are supplied with a variable inner hub that can be adjusted to suit the minimum bend radius of the product and a variable hub height. We can also offer single-lift solutions, in which the carousel including product can be lifted on-board with one single lift. The carousel can be supplemented with Swan Hunter-designed spooling towers, control cabins, tensions and trackways.

Reel drive systems

Swan Hunter develops reel drive systems that are designed for transpooling and installation of SURF products, including cables, flexibles, flowlines, hoses, pipelines, umbilicals and wires.

Swan Hunter reel drive systems can handle reels up to a diameter of 14m and a product capacity of 600mt. They can be mounted on rails provided by Swan Hunter, providing skidding possibilities of the reel drive towers. We can also offer industry standard storage reels up to a diameter of 14m and 600mt product capacity.


Swan Hunter provides a range of 2-Track and 4-track tensioners for installation of SURF products, including cables, flexibles, flowlines, hoses, pipelines, umbilicals.

Swan Hunter tensioners can be provided with a tension capacities of up to 50mT, with a range of product interchangeable pads for specific project requirements.

Ancillary lay equipment

Swan Hunter also provides a range of ancillary lay equipment to support flexible pipeline and cable installation including overboarding chutes, cable trackways, deck winches and levelwind systems.


Installation engineering and project management for offshore renewables and subsea oil and gas markets

Swan Hunter delivers design and installation engineering services for cable, flexibles, pipeline, subsea structures and umbilical installation projects. We specialise in cable, flexibles and umbilical related simulations such as general installation analysis, beach pull-in analysis, abandonment and recovery analysis, analysis of (heavy) midline and end-line objects such as joints and termination heads and J-tube pull-in analysis. We have expanded our engineering capability and can provide dynamic installation analysis solutions using Orcaflex.

In addition, Swan Hunter provides the following design and engineering services:

Installation feasibility studies, lift plans & seafastening analysis, developing installation methodologies/schedules, offshore installation procedures / taskplans / HAZIDs, project support, engineering support consultancy, and personnel to support offshore installation activities.


River Tyne load-out and storage services

Swan Hunter offer project management and specific load-out services utilising our large Tyneside Yard, which includes a 34-acre hardstand site, a purpose built tidal basin, heavy duty load-out quay, and an 800m-long deepwater berth.

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