Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

For more than 165 years, the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group (LDA) has been offering its clients and partners tailor-made industrial maritime solutions with high added value maritime activities and integrated services from ship design to maritime operations.

Through our Values (Innovation, Reactivity, Know-how, Commitment), we offer maritime transportation and services in the following businesses:

  • Logistics and Transportation Division: port management, transshipment & cargo handling with LD Ports & Logistics and ALBA (India), shallow water transportation with SLM (Indonesia); 4 PL Logistics (transportation of heavy lift and specialised cargoes) with LD Seaplane; Forwarding activities with LD Freight Solutions; Logistics engineering.
  • Dry Bulk Transportation: dry bulk transportation with LD BULK.
  • Industrial Marine Solutions Division: submarine cable laying and maintenance; power cable installation/protection in shallow waters with Louis Dreyfus TravOcean; maintenance of wind turbines with LD SEA; ship management (Marion Dufresne) with LD Austral Seas; submarine surveys; oil & gas.

Offering a worldwide presence with over 2,600 staff and 60 vessels, LDA is a French family Group.

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