D&R Subsea

D&R Subsea

D&R Subsea mainly provide underwater installation, inspection, cleaning and kinds of maintenance services through conventional air diving and helium-oxygen mixed gas diving to facilities, such as ports, reservoirs, vessels and offshore platforms, etc.. Presently, we have created the maximum mixed gas diving depth record at elevation (-) 108 meters.

D&R Subsea Co., Ltd was established in March 2011, specialized in ROV and saturation diving services, whose main controlling shareholder is DIV Diving Engineering Co., Ltd.
We have three advanced 125hp work-class ROV systems, one observation-class ROV, and two sets of saturation systems. The aforementioned high-quality equipment has gained good appreciation and recognition through past successful projects.

DIV Diving Engineering Co., Ltd and D&R Subsea Co., Ltd are committed to provide safe, high quality and efficient diving, ROV and saturation services, and firmly believe that with cumulative efforts and continuous technical improvement, the two companies shall become the international leading underwater engineering corporations.
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