Impresub International

Impresub International

In 1967 Mr. G.B. Coradello established I.D.M.C. s.r.l. (IMPRESUB DIVING and MARINE CONTRACTOR) as a private company offering diving services mainly in lakes and dams. Impresub then expanded towards marine diving operations and survey services in shallow water offering its services to the major cable and communication national companies (Pirelli, ENEL).

After more than 45 years experience Impresub holds a unique position in the international market offering a complete range of offshore support services within worldwide Oil & Gas industry:

  • Complete range of marine survey
  • Commercial diving (air and mixed gas saturation) intervention
  • R.O.V. (Remotely Operated Vehicle) activities
  • Underwater pipelines, control umbilical, communication and power cables post-trenching activities
  • Submarine installation assistance
  • N.D.T. (Non Destructive Tests) inspection
  • I.M.R. (Inspection, Repair and Maintenance) of offshore structures and assets
  • Field completion

Impresub is skilled to develop in-house technology for new marine applications and innovative solutions combined with time proven techniques.

Thanks to its internal resources and experienced personnel, Impresub provides to its Clients with safe, professional and cost effective solution to the unique challenges of their marine and sub-sea projects.

Efficient execution of operations is secured through well equipped operating bases and branches in the Mediterranean Areas, North & West Africa.

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