Middle East Navigation Aids Service (MENAS) is acknowledged as a leading innovator in the provision and use of aids to navigation equipment in the marine environment.

For over 100 years, MENAS has played a major role in the safety of shipping and in the development of Aids to Navigation infrastructure throughout the Gulf waters. Formerly named the Persian Gulf Lighting Service, it was established to be the responsible authority for Aids to Navigation in the region. It is currently the Gulf region’s leading innovator in the development, fabrication, supply and maintenance of Aids to Navigation (AtoN).

Operating from its main base in Bahrain and a support base in Abu Dhabi, MENAS owns and maintains an extensive network of buoys, lighthouses, racons, AIS and DGPS transmitters. It also provides essential information and advice such as the issuance of Notices to Mariners, advising on hazards to shipping and additions to navigation charts for the Gulf.

Over 2,000 vessels rely upon MENAS equipment and services each month.

MENAS is the Gulf operations division of the London-based ‘International Foundation for Aids to Navigation’ (IFAN), and is the only independent Aids to Navigation authority in the world, with no country affiliation or national sponsor. It operates an ISO 9001:2015 quality-assured service, certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and is an associate member of International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA). It is also a corporate member of the International Marine Contractor Association (IMCA) and maintains active links with various other organisations and hydrographic offices worldwide.
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