Mubarak Marine

Mubarak Marine

Mubarak Marine is a marine and offshore services organisation with its head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and with branch offices in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

The company offers a variety of vessels to suit the ever-growing needs of its client base within the Middle East and beyond. From its inception, the company’s fleet has grown to a diverse fleet of over 40 vessels. With new buildings in the pipeline, Mubarak Marine continues to strive to modernise its fleet and cater to the ever-changing marine and offshore requirements of the industry.

Our fleet is manned by highly experienced and professional Masters and Crew. Onshore our fleet and crew members are supported by a team of hard working and well-trained support staff, who work around the clock to ensure smooth and efficient operation of our fleet. Mubarak Marine is focused on offering its clients with the best marine and offshore services available in the region.
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