Sigma Offshore

Sigma Offshore

Established in 1991, Sigma Offshore/diving is an underwater inspection company based in Gabon

After a career as a professional diver of more than 30 years in the COMEX (French company pioneer deep diving), Théophile MBOUMBA founds in 1989 in Port-Gentil, the first Gabonese Company of Underwater Works (SGTSM), mainly involved in Port Gentil and Libreville in the port area.

Since 1991, SGTSM under the new name of SIGMA DIVING, has extended its field of intervention to the Offshore, in particular in the underwater inspection for ELF and the Drilling Companies present in Gabon.

In 1998, the company TOTAL FINA ELF Gabon, wishing to retain an underwater works company to carry out the maintenance of its offshore installations, contacted Théophile MBOUMBA. Interested in the project, Théo surrounded himself with experienced construction managers and technicians during his diving career at COMEX. That same year he founded SIGMA OFFSHORE. The loyalty of Dive Teams and experienced technicians, as well as the acquisition of new equipment and the creation of a dive system for diving that allows diving to -72 meters depth allow SIGMA to honor its contracts with TOTAL GABON, from 2000 to the present day.
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