Stapem Offshore

Stapem Offshore

Stapem Offshore (Société de Travaux et d’Approvisionnements PEtroliers Maritimes) provides marine, subsea and maintenance services to companies of the Oil and Gas Industry. Our back office is based in France; it provides the highest standards in administration, communication, safety, logistics and legal assistance.

Operational in Angola since mid of 1989, we are able to complete multi-discipline engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance projects.

The front office in Angola is located in Luanda (Bairro Azul) with operational facilities inside Sonils base with warehouses, workshops, and storage yards as well as transportation facilities and guesthouses. Operations are also organized from Kwanda Base in Soyo where we maintain similar facilities.

Our office in Congo is based in Pointe-Noire where we aim to develop the same services that we have been offering in Angola for almost 30 years: diving & ROV, maritime expertise, management of oil terminals, specialized maintenance, etc…

Stapem Offshore has an excellent reputation within the oil industry, especially in Angola and Congo, where the company permanently works for national and international major oil companies.

Since 2017, a branch has been settled in Dubai / Abu Dhabi (United Arabic Emirates) with the aim of providing the same range of services as in Western Africa.

And in 2018, Stapem Offshore has installed a permanent base in Doha (Qatar) providing Marine Services for Oil Operators.

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