Tan Cang Offshore

Tan Cang Offshore

Tan Cang Offshore Services (TCO) is a subsidiary of Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP). TCO is proud to be the member of SNP with our impressive history, strong values, and investment strategies. Estalished since March 2012, TCO has built long-lasting relationship with our partners and clients. We analyze our customers’ needs as well as their economic, political and physical environment to provide the best solutions for them. In the last few years, TCO has been the key player in finding and developing in the oil and gas industry of Vietnam. We value the relationship with our partners and always work to maximize mutual benefits by long-term investment.

Saigon Newport Corporation
With 30 years of construction and growth, Saigon Newport Corporation has become the largest and most professional container terminal operator in Vietnam with seaport services such as: Cargo handling services. , Logistics services, maritime services, rescue, rescue, pilot, real estate, office buildings, civil construction, military ... and multimodal transport.

As the leading container port operator in Vietnam with an import-export container market share accounting for over 90% of the southern region and nearly 50% of the national market share, Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) is providing services. port, the best logistics, the most convenient for customers. Strategic direction of the Corporation, Saigon Newport is developing production sustainable business on three pillars: Exploiting port, logistics services and shipping and marine services based on the platform: "Substance top quality service, customer oriented; Advanced management, professional human resources, high quality; Military discipline, corporate culture, community responsibility " . Saigon Newport Corporation manages a system of facilities from North to South with dozens of subsidiaries operating in various economic sectors.

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