Created as a subsidiary of COMEX, COMANEX warrants the full design files of COMEX and its licensees.

Specialized at the very beginning in maintenance of deep diving systems, periodical surveys, upgrading modifications and supply of spare parts, when COMEX withdrew from the operational diving business in 1992, COMANEX became more and more involved in the manufacturing of equipment and sub-systems.

In compliance with the latest international standards and recommendations, COMANEX designs solutions for every field involved in diving systems.

COMANEX solutions are safe, reliable, easy to operate and to maintain, reflection of the COMEX legacy.

Today, COMANEX continues to design and manufacture products to maintain or upgrade any existing systems, as well as to propose a full range of new equipment integrating the most recent technologies.

It is our pride to continue COMEX know-how on Saturation Diving.
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