Fathom Systems

Fathom Systems

Fathom Systems is the undisputed leading brand in the commercial diving industry for diver communications, gas analysis, diver monitoring and integrated diving control systems for DSV.

Based in Portlethen Aberdeen we are now in our 14th year and have earned a reputation in the Industry for the latest in technology, unsurpassed quality, reliability and innovation, with a number of technology and safety awards to reflect this.

Having been involved in 12 of the latest generation of new-build DSV projects in addition to many upgrades of legacy systems and vessels, we have now extended our focus to further support surface-supply diving and to bring our technology to the Submarine Rescue market.

Fathom also provide turnkey project management and system design services for new and upgrade Remote Intervention Tooling projects can be provided by Fathom Systems, including upgrades of existing systems and full 3rd party certification packages.

Fathom Systems intelligent valve packs (iVP) provide proportional power supplies and a communication link to the surface allowing the iVP to operate as a self-contained control systems.

For more complex systems, an intelligent power pod (iPP) can provide power to 2 x 12 function iVP’s as well as power, controls and comms for sensors, HD video cameras, lights, 3rd party scanners, gyrocompass and electric pan and tilt units.

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