Guidance Marine

Guidance Marine

Guidance Marine Ltd is an internationally successful, award winning company, with a strong track record of delivering significant safety and cost benefits by bringing disruptive position measurement technologies to high value markets across several continents.

We are the leading global developer and supplier of Dynamic Positioning (DP) position measurement technologies for high value offshore marine markets for real-time vessel positioning and manoeuvring with the highest level of safety, reliability and ease of use.

Guidance Marine invests heavily in its people and in their skills with innovation as the pivotal culture around everything we do. The expertise, passion, ambition and collective team ethos forms the cornerstone of our business. We are committed to maintaining our position as a leading technology company and we believe it is our technology, investment in innovation and products, that will help shape the future of our industries. A Guidance Marine designed system is more than just a sensor. It is a practical, well-engineered sophisticated system offering precision, reliability and confidence to the end user, whether they are on the vessel, on a nearby shore or even on a different continent.
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