Gulf Marine Contractors

Gulf Marine Contractors

The oil and gas industry is cyclical and constantly changing. With the price of oil plummeting from the peak of $145/bbl in 2008 to just under 30/bbl in 2016, the industry has shed over 350,000 jobs globally. This down cycle coincides with the what has been dubbed as “the great crew change” where the industry is facing a significant skills gap with over 70% of the energy workforce nearing retirement age.

The industry is fragmenting. Across the value chain, operators and service contractors have trimmed back and are focusing now more than ever on their core business. Functions which were traditionally performed in-house are now being outsourced. The industry increasingly relies on experienced and trusted partners to deliver their projects.

Gulf Marine Contractors (GMC) has been formed by a group of industry veterans to deliver turnkey project, logistics, procurement and compliance solutions to the energy industry.

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