HS Water Solutions

HS Water Solutions

We are a young, dynamic and strong Argentine organization with extensive experience in the field of professional diving. 

Our mission is to provide the most demanding markets with diving and rescue services, products and equipment and highly trained and trained professionals with maximum quality and efficiency. Our vision is to position ourselves and remain in the market as a solid and absolutely reliable group. Our permanent goal is to be recognized for our ability, competence and values.

HS Water Solutions SRL is a purely Argentine group dedicated to providing professional rescue and diving services (through the HS Salvage and Diving division ), training and training (through the HS Training division ) , design, manufacture and sale of equipment under international standards and imported equipment (through the HS Equipment division ), as well as recreational and professional diving operator (through Alfa Diving Center).

The group works under international standards, implementing the recommendations of diving the Association of International Marine Contractors (International Marine Contractors Association) and the Contractors Association International Diving (Association of Diving Contractors International), thereby implementing the best practices The worldwide diving industry.

We have members of the International Marine Contractors Association ( IMCA ) , the International Diving Contractors Association ( ADCI ) , the International Diving School Association ( IDSA ) , the Diver Alert Network ( DAN ) , of the International Diving Safety Standards Commission ( IDSSC ) , of the International Association of Diving Instructors ( PADI ), of SCUBA International Diving ( SDI ) , of International Technical Diving( TDI ) , Emergency First Response ( Emergency First Response ) , the World Council International Training SCUBA ( WRSTC ), among others.


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