OCEANOS JSC was founded in 2003 as an independent private company specializing in subsea engineering and providing complete solutions in underwater technology.

We specialize in:

  • design engineeering;
  • subsea manned/unmanned robotics (ROVs, AUVs, gliders);
  • HARDSUIT Atmospheric Diving Suits;
  • training facilities for divers and ROV/ADS crews;
  • modular systems for support vessels;
  • operational support, including maintenance and repair of equipment.

OCEANOS’ level of expertise in technical development allows us to patent not only our technical, but also our technological solutions which are highly valued and actively purchased by other underwater technologies market contractors.  

We do not just develop and supply underwater equipment or technology. Our principal goal is to provide complete custom solutions. This is achieved by including:

  • economic and engineering job task research as well as
  • complete cycle of design, matching and assembly then production of the necessary equipment
  • Client personnel training and
  • full technical and managerial support during real life operations.

Using this approach we ensure that every project we undertake is addressed individually and with the best possible financial and quality outcomes for our clients.

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