Professional Diving Centre

Professional Diving Centre

Professional Diving Centre (PDC) was registered 28 years ago and has been going strong ever since. PDC started off as a commercial dive company doing commercial dive work and started training divers as PDC found it hard to find properly trained commercial divers. PDC started running one course a year and with demand this increased to 4 diver courses a year between the work over the following years.

PDC trains commercial divers for the offshore international diving market so they can work internationally without limitations and locally. PDC has the most up to date and well-maintained diving and allied equipment which it uses for training, this includes 2 x closed diving bells & saturation systems and 2 x surface mixed gas diving systems. PDC also has 4 x deck decompression chambers one of which is in a DNV 2.7-1 container. PDC also has a large number of different types of diving helmets and full face masks including some of the most recent on the market. The PDC dive school maintains a high standard of training and is known world-wide with an excellent reputation.

Professional Diving Centre is positioned in the Durban harbour in the ship repair basin with its own quayside and jetty and is close to the dry docks so student divers can get to see ships on land before diving under them during training. The PDC Base and school offer a real diving site and operating conditions that you will not find worldwide in diver training facilities.

Commercial Diver Training – Learn from the best
We train divers from all over the world, and we do it right. Our divers become qualified and able to work internationally. Professional Diving Centre is world-renowned for the quality of divers entering employment from the school. Professional Diving Centre’s commercial diver training school boasts up-to-date and well-maintained diving and allied equipment, with a variety of diving helmets and full face masks including some of the most modern on the market. Professional Diving Centre Founder Grant Jameson brings a wealth of over 30 years of experience as a Saturation Diver and Air & Mixed Gas Dive Supervisor as well as a Life Support Technician, Closed Bell Supervisor & Sat Dive Superintendent. He has trained in the USA, U.K. and France and still works offshore part-time as a Closed Bell Supervisor and Sat Superintendent. The course materials and texts have been composed by Grant, giving students the benefit of his many years of real-life experience.

Training dives take place at sea where depths vary between 12 m and 200 metres some training dives take place from the dedicated dive support vessel, a large steel Catamaran called Deepworx which has accommodation on board and licenced for 25 persons. PDC diver training also includes fresh water dives as many commercial jobs are done on dam walls and reservoirs and Quarry diving in cold fresh water with low to zero visibility which prepares a diver for different densities and temperatures of diving operations. It is very important in commercial diver training for a diver to dive in both fresh and salt water in good and bad visibility, warm & cold water.

Divers are given various tasks to do and at the end of the course have to complete deep air dives lasting over 1 hour each (including actual real Surface Decompression dives on oxygen) with various obstacles and tasks including loose ropes and metal structures, mainly in zero visibility at 40 metres plus.  Dives down to 50 metre are also done mainly out at sea off Deepworx. Deepworx has recently been dry docked and a total revamp completed in 2015.

Over the years PDC has provided HAZMAT diving services to South Africa incident free an excellent safety record (Hazmat relates to Diving in Chemicals, Bioloigical contaminates and Nuclear environments).

PDC also provided unique mixed gas diving operations underground diving below sea level in the deep South Africa mines, recovering bodies and equipment in extremely dangerous condition with many unique procedures in the diving procedures due to depth, ambient pressure, density, no diving bells could be used etc, with a excellent safety record incident free again.

Professional Diving Centre is owned by Grant Jameson who is highly qualified in the diving industry as an Air & Saturation Diver, as well as an and Air & Closed Bell Saturation Dive Supervisor. Grant is also a Life Support Technician and Dive Technician. Grant owns and operates his own ROV as well. Grant has worked both in shore in civils work and offshore as an offshore Air and Sat Closed Bell Supervisor. Grant has experience as a Offshore Saturation Dive Superintendent and Offshore Project Manager. He has trained in the USA, U.K. and France and still works offshore when the opportunity presents itself.

Grant Jameson worked all over the world in the Diving Oil and Gas Industry including the South African Oil and Gas Fields where he worked as a diver supervisor and superintendent. He also trained many of the divers, supervisors and LST members who work in these fields.

Grant was a member of the Governments Diving Regulations – Diving Advisory Council for over 10 years providing advice to the combining of the Dept of Mining and Dept of Labour Diving Regulations and other issues in regards to Diving and Safety of Diving Operations and the amendments required to the various Diving Regulations over time.

Grant Jameson also provides Constaulty services to various Clients requiring Diving Services and Sub Sea Services, including Dive companies doing the work. Grant Jameson has also writing operations manuals and updated Diving Company procedure manuals.
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