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Helix Energy Solutions


Helix's roots begin in the 1960s with a group of pioneering oilfield divers whose work made possible many of the advancements in the offshore industry that are taken for granted today. Now we specialize in overcoming new offshore challenges using a fleet of unrivaled vessels that operate on subsea fields in every major producing region in the world.

We are the world's preeminent contractor for live well intervention, which has helped to establish us as one of the industry's solutions for containing potential future subsea oil spills. We also offer one of the widest selections of specialized work-class ROVs available anywhere in the world.

At Helix our employees take pride in being part of a global company that has set industry records and continues to make the most of opportunities where others see none at all. We have made a name for ourselves by inventing new techniques and technology to meet the demands of producing oil and gas thousands of feet underwater – the harshest environment on the planet.


We are an international offshore energy services company that provides speciality services to the offshore energy industry with a focus on well intervention and robotics operations. We seek to provide services and methodologies that we believe are critical to maximizing production economics. We provide services primarily in deepwater in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, North Sea, Asia Pacific and West Africa regions.


From playing a key role in the Macondo deepwater oil spill response to end-of-life Plug and Abandonment (P&A) work, Helix Well Ops is an established leader in rigless offshore well intervention, providing fast, flexible and high-quality well management services. Our specialized well intervention vessels and subsea systems operating worldwide provide value throughout the life cycle of the well, allowing rigs to focus on what they do best. Keeping drilling rigs on task ensures maximum productivity and operational efficiency, particularly on extended drilling campaigns.

Our Well Intervention segment includes our vessels and/or equipment used to perform well intervention services in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, North Sea and West Africa. Our Well Intervention segment also includes intervention systems (“IRSs”), some of which we provide on a stand-alone basis, and subsea intervention lubricators (“SILs”). Our well intervention vessels include the Q4000, the Q5000, the Seawell, the Well Enhancer and two chartered monohull vessels, the Siem Helix 1 and the Siem Helix 2. We also have a semi-submersible well intervention vessel under construction, the Q7000.


Our Robotics segment, Canyon Offshore, is a leading supplier of subsea engineering services, operating state-of-the-art ROVs, seabed trenching and geotechnical vehicles, and three ROV support vessels under long-term charter: the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon II and the Grand Canyon III. Our deepwater ROV track record spans 17 years, including oil and gas, renewable energy, subsea mining, and specialty services projects executed successfully around the world.

Canyon Offshore plays an important role in making new sources of renewable offshore energy available via proven subsea engineering techniques.


Our Production Facilities segment includes the Helix Producer I (the “HP I”), a ship-shaped dynamically positioned floating production vessel, and the Helix Fast Response System (the “HFRS”), which provides certain operators access to our Q4000 and HP I vessels in the event of a well control incident in the Gulf of Mexico.


In January 2015, Helix, OneSubsea and Schlumberger formed the Subsea Services Alliance to develop technologies and deliver equipment and services to optimize the value chain of subsea well intervention systems. The Alliance combines the expertise and capabilities of the three companies to provide a unique offering, integrating marine support with well access equipment and control technologies. 

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc is publicly traded on NYSE under the symbol HLX.

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