RPM Nautical Foundation

RPM Nautical Foundation

The primary goals of RPMNF are to advance the field of nautical archaeology by using the latest maritime technologies to locate underwater cultural heritage – submerged sites containing historic or older shipwrecks and human habitation sites that are precious and irreplaceable time capsules of our history and culture.

RPM’s projects, carried out in conjunction with host governments, are a crucial component in the effort to protect submerged archaeological sites and maritime heritage in the Mediterranean.

Multibeam echosounder systems employed on the RPMNF research vessel R/V Hercules provide advanced seafloor mapping capabilities for archaeological purposes. Through three-dimensional modeling based on multibeam data, RPMNF has identified countless critical underwater cultural heritage sites dating from early antiquity to the 20th century.

Sites identified from remote sensing data are verified and documented with RPM’s remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or diver investigation. Multibeam sonar fixed to the ROV also provides an effective method for intensive ground-truthing of site areas. The ROV is also employed for excavation of deep-water sites; another process by which RPMNF is helping to advance within the field of maritime archaeology.

RPMNF’s remote sensing and verification methodology has proved successful in the identification, mapping, and recording of shipwreck sites and harbour works in projects conducted to date in Spain, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Malta, Morocco, Cyprus, Sicily, Amalfi and Calabria (Italy), Turkey, Tunisia, and Greece.
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