Pegasus International (Pegasus) is the consolidation of 4 complimentary existing businesses, successful in their own rights. Pegasus is comprised of a diverse set of professionals with 170 years of combined overlapping experiences in business, engineering, and technical experience in design, electrical, mechanical, artificial intelligence, automation, production, quality assurance, reliability, research, development, intellectual properties and international registrations (Asia, Europe, and the United States), and 15 years of combined PDU design.

Pegasus combines specialized experience, expertise and vast professionalism to ensure that our company consistently meets all goals and objectives while maintaining the core values and stringent ethical standards that provide a quality reliable product and service for our clients, the relevant industries and environmental concerns.  It is, therefore, our intent and purpose to deliver a safe and reliable system that is compliant with client specifications and the higher levels of all relevant international maritime regulations, which provides a sufficient cost-effective alternative solution for an improved Return on Investment (ROI).  As such, we conduct business with a constructive, positive, and truthful attitude and strive towards substantially insuring a favorable ROI for operators, investors, service providers, and all parties interested in preserving the environments throughout the food chain.

During 2007-2011, Pegasus engineers designed over 70 Power Distribution Units (PDU). Pegasus has since integrated current technologies and redesigned an efficient state-of-the-art PDU in a turn-key sub-system configuration for the Subsea Work Class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) in Exploration and Production (E&P) operations of the Offshore Gas and Oil (G&O) industries.

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