Aalea Offshore

Aalea Offshore

Aalea Offshore is fully owned by Aalea S.r.l. and Rana Diving S.p.A., both experienced offshore operators, and managed by a strong, dynamic and highly motivated team, which is one of the most valuable Aalea Offshore’s resources. The team is built on shared ethics, core values and goals; team members also share the common vision of excellence in ROV operations.

Aalea Offshore project lays its foundation on team members skills, experience and qualification.
Offshore team is based on 15+ years, high profile ROV offshore operations experience, solid know-how, both general technical and ROV specific, a large variety of ROV offshore operations management capability.

Our shore support team is led by valuable resources with 10+ years’ experience in Marine and Oil & Gas industries, operations management and HSEQ management.

Aalea Offshore leading team is a successful combination of solid know-how and dynamic innovation.

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