Duc Marine Group

Duc Marine Group

DUC Marine Group offers services to the Offshore Construction, Renewables, Oil and Gas Construction and Inshore Civil Construction industry. We have 35 years of experience ranging from inshore diving to a full range of subsea, marine and offshore construction services.

DUC Marine Group is based at Urk, The Netherlands. Our expertise stretches around the globe with a wide range of clients and projects.

Survey and Inspection
We provide Survey and Inspection services for Inshore and Offshore locations.

Marine Salvage
DUC Marine Group has thirty years of experience with Salvage. We have the knowledge, equipment and trained professionals to handle any Salvaging operation with the greatest care and efficiency.

You can rely on us to safely recover objects from the water, from anchor to shipwreck. We always take the greatest care to avoid damage to the wreck as well as the environment. Timely execution, with specific attention to safety are essential for the way we operate.

Maintenance and Repairs
DUC Marine Group is highly qualified to take care of repairs and maintenance. We have experience with sheet piles, pipelines, piles and other related underwater materials, and we are available for all kinds of marine repairs.

Constructions and structures located in, near or in contact with water, are subject to the corroding effects of both fresh and salt water, which can lead to serious damage to the materials. Regular maintenance and repairs at an early stage will prevent damage and enhance the life span of the structure.

Offshore Wind / Renewables
UC Marine Group has assisted with several offshore wind farm construction projects. Our many years of experience with offshore diving operations are proving to be of tremendous added value to underwater construction, inspection and repairs of wind farms worldwide.

Offshore Construction
With new technologies continually developing and changing, it is important for your suppliers and subcontractors to have up-to-date knowledge of underwater installations and constructions.

Civil Underwater Construction
DUC Marine Group has wide expertise in underwater construction projects. We have experience with underwater concreting and grouting, installation of constructions and objects, underwater system maintenance and other construction support. We continually adapt to changing technologies and developments in the maritime sector.
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