Prime Marine Services

Prime Marine Services

Prime Marine Services, Inc. is the Original Equipment Manufacturer of its patented Prime Pile and Pipe Cutter. This revolutionary cold cut technology has an undeniable 100% proven success rate on all cutting projects. With proven severance solutions for platforms, pipelines, concrete structures and custom applications, Prime Marine Services, Inc. is recognized as the "Global Leader"​ for both the pile and pipe cutting and crushing industries.

As the industry leader and O.E.M., Prime Marine Services, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing the most powerful, most efficient and safest prime hydraulic cutting shears on the market. This Prime® technology features a line of hydraulic pile and pipe cutting shears with five pile cutting models capable of shearing 6” to 70” material. Our unique cutting equipment also has the added advantage of a gated hydraulic shear that encompasses the object being cut.

 Having this gate increases safety and efficiency – a feature that our competitors can’t offer. In addition, our Prime® cutting technology has a 100% success rate on all severance projects that Prime Marine Services, Inc. has performed. With zero incidents, the Prime® Pile Cutter is an unbeatable alternative to conventional cutting techniques.

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