Flexlife have been willing to innovate, developing unique solutions to address complex problems, now offering numerous, unique, flexible pipe Inspection, Maintenance & Repair products and services.

Flexlife’s objectives are aligned with yours, concentrating upon Safety maximizing the operational life of your flexible pipe assets, assisting you to evaluate operational integrity imperatives, promptly and effectively.

Flexlife is a specialist provider of lifecycle management solutions for unbonded flexible pipes and umbilicals. Using Flexlife-patented technology, the company provides clients with a comprehensive suite of Inspection, Maintenance and Repair solutions which determine operational integrity and maximize the safe operational life span of critical flexible pipelines. 

Flexlife also assists in end-of-life engineering including recovery, reuse, failure investigation and forensic dissection when required. Flexlife has two offices in key energy hubs, Aberdeen and Houston and strategic regional partners in Canada, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Thailand and Vietnam.

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