The Greatship Group

The Greatship Group

The Greatship Group started life in 2006 with an initial purchase of two Norwegian-built mid-size platform supply vessels. Since then the group has grown rapidly and currently owns a fleet of 4 jack-up rigs and about 20 offshore boats, representing a combined investment of more than a billion dollars to date.

The Greatship Group traces its lineage to the Great Eastern Shipping Company, a veritable institution in the global shipping industry with a presence stretching back to 1948. As such the Greatship Group combines the vitality and ambition of its young organisation with the wisdom and fine maritime lineage derived from its parent.

The Greatship Group is a 100% owned subsidiary of GE Shipping and its offices in Mumbai are the corporate headquarters of the Greatship Group. All the offshore businesses of The Greatship Group are ultimately under, or a part of, The Greatship Group.

GIL owns and operates all the Indian-flagged vessels and rigs within the group, while marketing and providing full operational support to its rigs operating in India.

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