With a uniquely broad range of vessels and the largest member base, our pools span the clean and dirty tanker, chemicals and offshore sectors. By taking an entrepreneurial, customer-focused approach, the size and diversity of the fleet has grown. This provides an unrivaled transportation platform on which to meet our customers’ highly diverse shipping needs. The flexibility we offer has enabled us to create a leading network of relationships with major oil companies and commodities traders.

Our fleet and breadth of business activities generate a vast information flow. Advanced IT systems, a market–leading team and trading culture enable us to optimize the value of this information to improve decision-making, maximize vessel returns and drive cost efficiencies. Combined with the extensive and detailed knowledge of our business teams located across the world, our reputation has been built on consistently delivering revenue out performance and a high quality of service.

Navig8 supports the private equity and debt markets, offering structured products that let investors participate in time charter markets, project advisory expertise, and vessel management and/or ownership solutions.

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