Sekal AS is an international technology company offering uniquely powerful software systems and expertise for real-time dynamic monitoring and integrated drilling process automation in the oil and gas industry.

Drilling operations are moving to ever-deeper water, with more extreme HPHT conditions and longer and more complex well paths. As drilling operations become more demanding, the industry is seeking systems that deliver more effective real-time monitoring and control. Sekal has developed advanced products such as DrillScene® and DrillTronics® to meet these needs.

Our software compares a state-of-the-art real-time model of the drilled well with real-time data from drilling operations to create a detailed and constantly updated picture of borehole conditions. This is used to detect incipient drilling problems and take preventive action. The result is safer, more consistent and efficient drilling.

We focus on helping clients enhance their operations and optimize drilling performance by applying trend analysis and dynamic modeling to predict changes in drilling conditions that will lead to delays, inefficiencies and invisible lost time.

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