Startwell Engineering

Startwell Engineering

Incorporated in 1992, UK based Startwell Engineering is the global leader in the field of mechanical starters (also known as spring starters) for diesel engines.

Our starters are used worldwide in numerous different conditions on an ever increasing range of applications. Our Starters are self contained units designed to replace electric, pneumatic or hydraulic starting systems on direct injection engines.

Our team offers a wealth of experience to provide a cost effective solution to engine starting while maintaining the highest standards in reliability and safety.

We are constantly developing and improving our existing range of products and adding new starters to handle an even wider range of applications. Currently, our range covers engines between a modest 0.5 litres (with the MINI starters) to over an impressive 18 litres (with the SUPER MAXI starters). Our starters are flame-proof, waterproof and totally non-electric, making them ideal starting solutions in hazardous areas such as coal mines and oil rigs, where a single spark could result in a disaster. The starter’s maintenance-free nature provides a fail-safe solution in remote or harsh terrains, as either the primary or emergency starting device.
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