Check-6 is the global performance improvement consultancy. Since 2007, we have been committed to becoming the world’s number one choice for HRO environments. We now partner with companies across multiple industries worldwide striving to achieve improved performance and operational efficiency. The core service we provide is that of a performance consultancy with multifaceted solutions tailored to your business requirements.

Our Solutions

Performance Improvement Consulting Performance Excellence™ is our proven methodology, tailored to client objectives, in order to reduce human error and sustain a culture of continuous improvement. Using a “Plan Based Execution” model, our coaches work hand in hand with your teams providing training and mentoring to sustain improvements in operational efficiency and safety.

RIGOR® Digital Checklist System (DCS) RIGOR® is our proprietary digital checklist system that allows you to capture and formalize mandatory best-practices that result in verifiable compliance and increased reliability in standard work and procedures across your business. The system provides operational analytical feedback with evidenced measurement against baseline performance and acts as a valuable resource tool in sustaining procedural and cultural improvement.

Well Control Virtual Instructor (WCVI) WCVI is a portable system that simulates primary and secondary well control scenarios in accordance with recommended standards of the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) and International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP). WCVI provides the ability to train continuously during normal hitch rotations using simulated well control fundamentals.
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