Crondall Energy

Crondall Energy

Crondall Energy is a leading independent consulting organisation providing strategic, commercial and technical services for offshore oil and gas projects that use floating production and subsea technology.

Crondall Energy provides a combination of both technical and commercial support services, with multi-discipline teams that have broad experience in the design, construction and operation of offshore and deepwater facilities. Crondall Energy maintains regular contact with all the major players in the industry, which allows staff to update their experience on technology developments, contractor capabilities, activities and strategies.

This equips Crondall Energy with the necessary background to advise operators on suitable contracting strategies, and to assemble appropriate cost and schedule data at an early stage of project development. Crondall Energy's overall objective is to help oil companies make sound decisions as part of successfully executing deepwater field developments.

Crondall Energy mission is to be recognised as the leading independent oil and gas consultancy in the global market for floating production and deepwater solutions, by consistently helping oil companies to make sound strategic, technical and commercial decisions about the development of deepwater oil and gas resources.

For our clients - we aim to help our clients obtain superior project results by minimising project delivery risks, providing consistently sound advice and introducing current industry best practice throughout the development of project execution strategies, technology selection, and the specification and procurement of goods and services.

For our shareholders - we aim to build a business with long-term and sustainable shareholder value by building long-term strategic relationships with key global customers and providing sound, consistent and objective advice.

Crondall Energy has repeatedly helped project stakeholders to significantly enhance the value of their developments, through reductions in project timescale, improved competitive processes, and a focussed approach to the use of engineering to address key project risks and value drivers.
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