CyberPrism Maritime

CyberPrism Maritime

CyberPrism Maritime wide range of training courses reduce the risk of human error. Our documentation and compliance services meet the requirements for safe practice and compliance with the many new codes and regulations coming into force.

TRAINING - online and classroom courses can be arranged for cyber awareness and bespoke IT & OT cybersecurity training.

SOCIAL MEDIA - courses on the safe use of social media on-board a vessel can help prevent identity theft, fraud and exposure of personal information.

SIMULATOR - a cyber-attack on any type of vessel can be simulated to train and test the captain and duty watch.

REGULATIONS - EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective in 2018 and cybersecurity will be included in the IMO’s ISM Safety Code in 2021.

DOCUMENTATION - customised cybersecurity policies and manuals can be produced to help meet the requirements of the codes and regulations.

COMPLIANCE - reviews, including a formal annual audit, can be carried out to check compliance with the policies, standards and regulations.

CyberPrism Maritime proprietary technology protects the yacht’s IT and Operational Technology. The OT includes control of steering, engines, communications, power, HVAC, cameras which are connected to the vessel’s networks and are vulnerable to cyber-attack. Key Features:

  • Firewall, anti-virus, intrusion detection
  • 12 ports for IT and OT network connections
  • Detects and isolates malware
  • Prevents spreading between systems & networks
  • On-board alerts and remote monitoring option
  • Automatic software updates
  • Secure communication option
  • Range of customized services

CYBER RISK ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK  - carried out prior to the on-board survey - establishes the specific threats and attack vectors, and includes dark web scanning.

SURVEY - all assets and systems on-board the vessel are surveyed to identify vulnerabilities to the range of threats identified, specifying the protection measures required.

PROTECT – the best and most appropriate technologies used to protect IT and the Operational Technology (OT) that operates the vessel and keeps it safe plus secure communications.

RESPOND – quickly contain and recover from the cyber-attack, restoring data and control of operations. A forensic investigation can determine the cause and origin of the attack.

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