Cybernetix is a specialist in teleoperated systems, asset integrity monitoring and inspection for hostile environments. Cybernetix designs, develops and manufactures a range of innovative technologies specially adapted to meet our Customers’ requirements.

Cybernetix designs, develops and manufactures adapted and proved control/command solutions to evolve in hostile environments related to onshore/offshore Oil & Gas industry or Nuclear decommissioning (contaminated areas).

Our mission is to provide reliable solutions in order to mitigate risks and enhance people and equipment safety.

Cybernetix relies on its innovative technologies and expertise in mechanics, electronics, optronics, control/command, software development and system integration to provide solutions adapted to field constraints and needs.

Cybernetix has a team of technicians and engineers, independent of design and production teams, in charge of ensuring the reliability and compliance of products delivered to our customers.

The team organises and executes the appropriate tests for each product according to specific procedures and current standards.

The department also offers to accompany the certification process (ATEX , CE, etc.) and conduct dependability studies to detect possible weaknesses in systems and guide their design towards better reliability.

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