ESID Consulting

ESID Consulting

With 19 years of law enforcement and counter-corruption experience to help protect private clients & family offices and the C- suite from cyber attack and we support legal and HR departments to reduce business disruption caused by insiders, data breach, cyber-attack and corruption.

Our proven methods have helped HNW clients & family offices, government, legal, financial, and consulting firms. The aerospace and maritime sectors to secure their data, protect their reputations and limit financial damages.

Cyber Concierge Service provides you with the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) expertise and flexibility you need to meet the demands of your business and stakeholders. It's a cost effective alternative to a full-time CISO. Or, we can act as an additional resource to support current CISO's where required.

For Private Clients & Family Offices we also provide a fully managed, complete cyber-threat protection service. UK based experts and technology. Delivering corporate levels of cyber-security to personal networks and family office environments.

ESID Consulting have brought together a team of expert consultants to provide you with a unique and holistic service

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