Flextech Engineering

Flextech Engineering

Flextech Engineering, Inc. has designed and provided Tube Seals, Expansion Joints, Gaskets, and other custom fabricated high temperature textile parts since 1996. We are a trusted source for high temperature seals in the petrochemical and power generation industries, for both end users and OEM’s. We strive to work with our customers to find the optimal solution to each application, ensuring a long, effective life of all of our products.

Browse through our website and find more information on our products and ways Flextech Engineering, Inc. can save your company money. Contact us for a recommendation or price estimate on your unique high temperature application, or to arrange for a field consultation on finding the best solution to your high temperature sealing needs.

Flextech Engineering, Inc. designs and supplies fabric, or non-metallic, expansion joints for a wide variety of applications. Fabric expansion joints need to be designed with many factors considered in order to ensure a long life. These factors include:

  • thermal motion
  • structural offset
  • abrasive conditions (particulate)
  • acidic media
  • high temperatures
  • vibration
  • moisture build-up
  • pressure

Each expansion joint needs to be made with these factors in consideration. Flextech Engineering, Inc. designs and builds each expansion joint to meet the customer's unique application. Flextech can supply both entire assemblies (frames, liners, insulation) or any individual component.

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