Impact Subsea

Impact Subsea

We are a global provider of underwater sonar, altitude, attitude, depth, heading and temperature sensors. In addition, we also provide ultrasonic flooded member detection systems and a bespoke subsea pressure housing design service.

We design, manufacture and support all of our products directly and internationally through a global distributor network.

Want to know how we can help with your underwater sensor or system requirements? Contact us today to discuss further.

Impact Subsea design and manufacture innovative underwater Altimeter, Depth, Range, Heading, Motion and Temperature sensing solutions. The company also provides a range of underwater housings and a state of the art Flooded Member Detection system.
  •  ISA500: A range of underwater Altimeter & Echo Sounders with optional integrated AHRS*
  •  ISD4000: A range of Survey grade Depth & Temperature sensors with optional integrated AHRS*
  •  ISM3D: Compact and high accuracy AHRS* [] ISFMD: Flooded Member Detection System
  •  ISP1 & 2: Subsea housing solutions for cameras, data loggers, batteries and misc applications
  •  [] seaView: A powerful software suite for all Impact Subsea sensors and systems

Impact Subsea's solutions are used on underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and in numerous standalone
 underwater applications. All sensors are extremely robust, small form factor, high reliability and lead the market in technical capability.
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