KOSO Kent Introl

KOSO Kent Introl

KOSO Kent Introl can create solutions that are effective in the most demanding and arduous of conditions and environments. We’ve provided severe service valves for over 40 years and have the products and expertise needed to meet the needs of such applications.

Since forming in 1967 as Introl Ltd, we’ve been through several changes of name and ownership. Having worked in dynamic sectors such as Oil & Gas, we’ve become accustomed to embracing and adapting to changes and using them to our advantage.

Changes of ownership over the years have given us the investment, connections and expertise to grow the business across multiple market sectors. We’ve done so whilst retaining our focus on the speed and quality of our manufacturing.

Over the years we’ve diversified across a number of different industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Industrial. Initially we were focused on the Oil & Gas industry, and to date this remains a key area of interest for us and accounts for a significant amount of our business.

All of these sectors are demanding and call for very high levels of precision. Because they all involve very high volumes of production the potential cost and consequences of valve failure are extremely high. In each of these sectors, some of the world’s largest names have grown to trust us to design and manufacture high-performance, reliable valves and solutions that meet and exceed their needs.
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