Sheffield Forgemasters

Sheffield Forgemasters

Sheffield Forgemasters' aim is to be an industry leader in environmental governance. As well as adhering to the necessary legislations, such as environmental & greenhouse gas permits, we aim to go above and beyond to improve our local enviornment.

Our commitments are therefore to our local community, the environment and our employees.

Our site is supplied with renewable heat from the Sheffield District Heating Network (DHN), saving approximately 10,000 MWh of gas per year. Renewable energy is generated in a biomass-fuelled combined heat and power plant, from waste food and wood. It is supplied to 40,000 homes and businesses locally. Sheffield Forgemasters is also looking at ways to supply waste heat from our steel production back into the District Heating Network.

In recent years we have made significant investments in our site and equipment from simple measures such as LED lighting to an investment of £2m in our Electric Arc Furnace to make it more energy efficient. We are also in the early stages of introducing solar panels, providing further renewable energy for the site.

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