​Subsea Technologies

​Subsea Technologies

We are subsea pressure equipment specialists and we design and manufacture a range of class-leading proprietary subsea products including our unique XR Connector and the multi-purpose SLIC Connector.

We make your connections, subsea

We manufacture connectors, specialising in subsea hydraulic and mechanical connectors. These range from high angle release riser connectors, through multi-functional intervention connectors, to high flow breakaway connectors, ROV hot stabs, subsea stab plates and hydraulic control system couplers. Our background is in the design, construction and maintenance of subsea drilling, well intervention and subsea well control systems. This means that we understand the operational challenges and working environments which our clients use our products in. As a result, we develop all our connectors to be easy and reliable for our clients to operate and we also make them easy to maintain in their natural working environment. Read about these products and more, on our Products page.

We don’t only supply connectors

For those clients looking for a complete turn-key solution, we develop customised well control, well intervention, well abandonment and similar solutions. Our scope of supply can include surface controls, umbilicals, subsea hardware and control systems. We do this through by using our own proprietary products, combined with procuring class leading third party products and engineering the optimised integration of all the components to deliver a fit for purpose, fully standards compliant solution. We always include full documentation packages and, where appropriate, independent verification body design and certification. We are also able to provide complete documented maintenance management processes, delivering complete turn-key solutions.

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