We are a technology-focused company with a mission to re-shape the pipeline industry and bring corrosion resistant pipelines to the next level. Over half of pipelines fail due to internal corrosion. We provide subsea pipeline owners with much greater, long-term certainty by protecting pipelines from internal corrosion caused by transported fluids.

Internal corrosion is one of the most common causes of premature pipeline failure. We help pipeline owners gain greater long-term certainty by protecting pipeline and riser systems from internal corrosion with integrated polymer lining system solutions.

Corrosion protection of flowlines is becoming a major issue as fluid temperature and pressure increase. Conventional corrosion allowance on carbon steel pipe thickness leads to excessive procurement costs, installation weight and welding thickness resulting in non-economic solutions. CRA (Clad or mechanically lined) flowlines require expensive implementation with additional non destructive testing difficulties during installation.

Corrosion protection is a major issue for water injection and hydrocarbon flowlines. Several techniques have already been used in an attempt to secure the integrity of pipelines during their years of operations. The simplest way consists of having a corrosion allowance by increasing the thickness of the steel pipe. Despite its simplicity, this technique may lead in some cases to excessive cost, flowline weight and additional welding time. Also this solution requires a carefully managed maintenance regime including tight control of fluid velocities, regular cleaning pig runs and achieving a minimum chemical corrosion inhibition uptime, all of which add cost and complexity.

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