Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd (SEA)

Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd (SEA)

SEA is the parent company of five innovative, agile and responsive businesses providing a wide range of services and products for British, Portuguese and international customers in defence and related markets. It aims to add real value through the experience and contacts of its senior team while providing a light-touch but effective governance framework. Its objective is to deliver value to shareholders through its five operating subsidiaries: Chess, EID, MASS, MCL and SEA.

SEA was founded on the principle that SME-size businesses can prosper by being part of a larger group, where they can benefit from financial oversight, management support and the exchange of information and practices. Cohort aims to achieve this while preserving the high growth potential of innovative independent businesses.

SEA plays a key part in the “de-risking” of demanding technological developments to optimise performance and assist strategic investment decisions. Skills in technology assessment, simulation and human factors are readily combined. Our proven ability to transfer knowledge and best practice across operating sectors encompasses transport and defence domains. The implementation of technologically complex systems demands the development of new solutions to assure the achievement of essential levels of performance, interoperability and safety. Independence, technical excellence and a ready ability to work with partners has established SEA as a technology innovator, a reliable design authority and technology innovator for key programmes.

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