Tyne Subsea

Tyne Subsea

Tyne Subsea is capable of simulating subsea water depths down to 15,000m, which exceeds the water death at the deepest known point on Earth. Conventional testing and function testing can be conducted through simulating the operational service requirements of the equipment on test, within the hyperbaric chambers.

In addition to this, we are committed to providing pressure testing services and expertise which are critical to research and development processes. These services include conventional pressure testing in one of our nine hyperbaric chambers which are capable of pressure testing to 2,000 bar, and environmental testing to +200°C and -160°C in one of our two environmental test bays.

Tyne Subsea is a dedicated world-leading hyperbaric pressure testing facility that operates nine hyperbaric chambers. Our hyperbaric chambers range in size and pressure ratings to provide a variety of sectors with the ability to meet specific testing requirements and to verify that products can work effectively in subsea conditions and in other high pressure applications. We offer a range of hyperbaric services; including our capabilities to simulate water depths down to 6,000 meters, to test components to -2˚C and to accommodate bigger products in our newest large hyperbaric chamber, which has an internal diameter of 2.5 meters. Our large chamber is one of the largest commercially available hyperbaric vessels in Europe and operates using sophisticated, automated technology to help increase efficiency and reduce customer waiting time. We not only offer hyperbaric and pressure testing, but can also offer subsea research and third party certification to verify that products can function under high pressure.

Tyne Subsea is a joint venture between North East engineering company, British Engines and leading subsea research university, Newcastle University. This union pioneers the link between industry and academia, combining a long heritage in subsea engineering and pressure testing, with access to the knowledge and research from a leading subsea research institution.

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