Well-Safe Solutions

Well-Safe Solutions

Well-Safe Solutions offer an innovative P&A well abandonment club that allows operators to meet the challenges and regulatory imperatives around decommissioning, while significantly reducing cost.

Bringing together a wealth of decommissioning oil and gas expertise and dedicated bespoke P&A marine and land based assets and equipment, Well-Safe Solutions is the first-of-its-kind “Tier One” company with the complete P&A package from front-end engineering and design, through to project execution and the retention of key lessons learned to be fed back into future projects.

The liability for late life, non-producing assets can be reduced via Well P&A operations, however the timing on when to complete these operations is heavily influenced by cost and the need for a new approach.

Well-Safe will work closely with operators and industry bodies while navigating the complex regulatory process, driving change, transparency and ensuring tax efficient delivery of P&A operations. We also believe that having Scottish Enterprise as a key investor in our business allows us to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise needed in a high growth dynamic company.

Well-Safe offers an innovative funding model through a campaign-based approach that will enable sharing of knowledge across different clients through a differentiated contracting strategy that will leverage economies of scale and challenge the “norm”. Well-Safe Solutions will manage projects safely and efficiently, while delivering clear savings.

Within a highly fragmented market, Well-Safe takes away the need for multiple contracts with multiple service providers and instead offers a “complete package” to meet the operators’ P&A requirements.

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