Akita Drilling USA

Akita Drilling USA

AKITA Drilling Ltd. is an onshore drilling rig service provider that works with leading operators in the U.S. and Canada. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients and see every project as a partnership. We feel the technology and experience we offer with our technically advanced drilling fleet will help to optimize our customers’ drilling programs.

AKITA Drilling Ltd. was formed in January of 1993 through a Plan of Arrangement with our predecessor, ATCO Drilling Ltd. At its inception, AKITA operated 26 drilling rigs in Canada.

In 2018, AKITA Drilling Ltd. and Xtreme Drilling Corp. combined the two companies through a Plan of Arrangement to create a leading intermediate North American land drilling contractor. The combined company, operating under the AKITA Drilling name, has a fleet of 40 high-spec drilling rigs with operations in major resource basins in the US and Canada.

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