Bigard & Huggard Drilling

Bigard & Huggard Drilling

Bigard & Huggard Drilling, Inc. was formed in October of 1996 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan with one (1) Crane Carrier Corsair drilling rig. We currently operate four (4) drilling rigs with drilling depths up to 9000′, an assortment of heavy weight drill pipes, 3 1/2″ slim hole pipes, Triplex pumps and a power swivel. We also have in-house welders.

Between our President, Drilling Superintendent and toolpushers, we have over 150 years of combined experience in Michigan’s contract oil and gas drilling industry. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the maintenance of our equipment and the professionalism of our employees. Good equipment operated by top-notch employees is an unbeatable combination.

We have an on-staff Safety Manager and are certified with ISNetworld, PEC Premier, Browz and Avetta for our safety program. Employees attend annual Safeland training and all toolpushers, drillers and derrickhands attend biennial Well Control Training.

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