Blake International Rigs

Blake International Rigs

Blake International Rigs, LLC is part of a long tradition that dates back to 1953 with the inception of Booker Drilling.  During its six decades of service, Blake International and its predecessor companies (Booker Drilling, W.R. Grace Offshore, Offshore Rigs, LLC and Pride Offshore) have maintained a high industry standard of performance and have created a successful platform for continued growth with successful operations in the Gulf of Mexico.  

The success story of this company is directly attributable to both its offshore and shore-based staff. The experienced staff have continued to build on a culture of safety and performance that can only be developed through years of success and management support.

Blake International is committed to continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance, consistent with our goals of: no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.

We apply the following principles:

  • All accidents are preventable.
  • No activity is so important that it cannot be done safely.
  • We prevent pollution and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.
  • We meet or exceed the requirements of applicable HSE legislation and regulations.
  • HSE performance depends on everyone in our Company; we are all responsible for working safely.

We strive to reduce continuously the impact of our business on health and the environment by reducing waste, emissions and discharges, and by using energy efficiently. We will eliminate injuries by rectifying and reporting all actions and conditions, which could lead to an incident.

Responsibilities for HSE performance are visible throughout the organization, with clarity on line management accountability. The Blake International Safety and Environmental Management System is fundamental to our business, and throughout our operations we fully support its goals and requirements.

Our business plans and personal objectives include measurable HSE targets, which are established annually and reviewed regularly.

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